Unit 10 – 12 Vulcan Road South, Norwich, NR6 6AG

Wash Packages

Please note – you only need to make a booking if you are purchasing a gold wash.



4 x 4

Approximate Time

Express£6£8    10 Minutes 
Bronze£10£13    10 Minutes
Platinum£20£30  40 Minutes
Platinum Plus£30£40

45 Minutes

Gold£90£150   2 to 4 hours

What’s Included?

Express Wash

  • Hand car wash, wax –
  • Rinse and Go

Bronze Wash

  • Hand car wash
  • Shower wax and dry including door shuts
  • Exterior glass polished
  • Tyre shine
  • Finally spray polish

Platinum Wash

  • Mini valet, hand wash, wax and dry
  • Interior and exterior glass polish
  • Interior vacuum and dashboard polish
  • Leather wiped and shined
  • Bumper and tyre shine
  • Air freshener
  • Finaly spray polish

Platinum Plus Wash

  • Full platinum wash
  • Hand polished for extra protection and long lasting shine

Gold Wash

  • The complete works!
  • Full platinum plus wash
  • Carpet Wash
  • Shampoo seats